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I have a good stock of these fat hospital radiators.Two of the pictures show the early ones(from a miners convalescence home on Blackpool fron,a large building now converted into flats) - 1920's-which are clean lined and elegant and have decorative bushes and two show later ones -approx 1940's,50's-not quite as elegant but a good simple shape which fits well into most styles and periods.These are approx 7.5 inches deep which give out a lot of heat for their width.I have a good set at 24 inches and 30 inches high and some at 18 inches and a few taller ones.
I also have regular hospital ones at 6 inches deep in various sizes and some at 3 inches deep which are usefull for hallways etc.
I am able to restore and supply sets of radiators to customers requirements and arrange delivery.I am able to supply radiators with the correct bushes and wall fixings so no other parts (apart from valves) need to be sourced by the customer /plumber.
Please see my other advers for more information and examples of radiators in stock.

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Date Created : 09 July 2007 12:23:38 PM
Date Modified : 15 February 2014 05:03:05 PM

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