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Excellent quality set of doors from one house.
18 doors,one glazed,all others matching.13 with original brass knobs(excellent quality , all matching).3 with good original wooden knobs.1 with wooden knobs (not great so no charge)And 1 door needs new knobs(can supply).
15 of the doors are 32" by 80" or slightly smaller.3 are 30" by 80" or a little bit smaller including glazed one.All are 1.75" thick.
Pictures on here are representative.I have further pics of each door and the exact sizes of each door.
All doors have original escutcheons and keeps(from frame)and cast iron hinges.
All in very good condition
Price is £50.00 per door plus £20 per door knob set if required.
I also have 3 matching pairs of cupboard doors from the same house,a large fitted dresser (some work needd on it) and a large fitted bedroom wardrobe(some work neded).
Please get in touch if you need more details or info.

Price : 50.00 each door plus knobs
Provenance : Yes
Contact : EDWARD HAES, Lancashire, UK. Tel:01254 389559
Images :
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Date Created : 15 April 2005 06:25:19 PM
Date Modified : 18 February 2014 04:58:38 PM

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